As EDM Cutting Wire, we provide high-quality spare parts and EDM wires to our customers for precise and fast cutting. We are able to supply all spare parts and materials suitable for the machines used by our customers. We aim to provide our customers with quality EDM machine spare parts and consumables at the lowest possible cost in a short time.


Electrical discharge processing is a production method that takes advantage of electrical discharge to give workpiece the desired shape. An electrical conductor is brought close to material and material is cut with aid of sparks between electric arc and workpiece without applying force. Sparks remove very small material particles by melting and evaporation. The temperature can range from 8000 ° C to 12000 ° C, so coolant is used. The EDM is divided into 3 main types according to the method of application and intended use:


The electrode used to cut workpiece is wire, and a flushing fluid is sent to workpiece continuously with the electrode. All parts can be precisely cut with the wire erosion method. Stress, fracture resistance and conductivity of wire should be determined according to material to be cut.


Workpiece and electrode are submerged in dielectric liquid, and the cutting is carried out with aid of sparks. In this method, a hundred thousand sparks occur per second. It is a highly preferred method of precision drilling for blind hole drilling.


It is a special method for drilling holes in workpieces. EDM drilling uses a high-pressure, rotating tube electrode with high-pressure washers to ensure fast and precise machining of small deep holes in conductive metals. The small-hole EDM is also used to create microscopic vents for spinners and other applications.

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