EDM technology achieves a high level of accuracy when producing highly sensitive parts at very high cutting speeds. But the high precision of EDM cutting machines changes according to equipment used. Quality of electrodes used and material of the spare parts are important to ensure cutting precision.

Since the EDM method is an electro-thermal process, surface and tool can be influenced by heat. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to use materials that are capable of withstanding high temperatures and compatible with thermal properties.


We can supply spare parts for EDM cutting machines of almost all brands. Our spare parts work in harmony with machines and do not give any difficulty to our customers. Our spare parts are offered to our customers with the quality assurance of leading brands in the EDM sector. Different types and sizes of spare parts depending on the purpose of cutting are available.


EDM machine consumables are products used during cutting and need to be changed at certain intervals for cutting accuracy. For cutting, products such as flushing fluid, measuring materials, EDM filters, electrode tubes are required. We offer our customers consumables that high-quality and provide machine works efficiently.


EDM wires are determined according to cutting purpose. In wire selection, parameters such as fracture resistance, conductivity, evaporation temperature, tensile strength, and hardness are considered. Copper, brass, coated, diffusion annealed, molybdenum, steel, and tungsten wire types are available. The fineness of wires is determined by dimensions of workpiece to be cut by customers.

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