In many parts of EDM machines, different motors can be used for different movements. Linear drives and servo motor drives are used for wire and sinker EDM machines. We offer long-lasting EDM machine engines to our customer.


Below are the machines used in EDM machines. We can provide our customers with the most suitable engine type for their machines quickly.

  • Axis engine
  • Wire-drive motor
  • DC motor
  • Actuator
  • Spool drive motor


The following describes the components in our servo motor. You can contact us for more information.

Engine :
It provides rotational motion under the direction of the motor drive connected to the CNC.
Axis Housing :
Servo motor provides a mounting structure for ball screw bearings.
Coupling :
This material provides a mounting structure for ball screw bearings with the rotation of servo motor armature.
Ball Screw Bearing Assembly :
It is a combination of high precision radar and thrust bearings that support ball screw.
Ball Screw :
It is a shaft with an outer thread which is attached to balls in ball nut assembly.
Ball Nut Set :
It is a group of high precision combined steel balls for joining ball nut.


Controller driver board applies a current to servo motor armature that creates a magnetic field interacting with the magnetic field generated by field windings or permanent magnets on the periphery of the motor housing.

  • This interaction will create a torque that will cause the armature to rotate.
  • Luminaire applies this torque to coupling output and to coupling input which will transfer the torque and subsequent rotation movement to the ball screw.
  • The ball screw applies a force across a contact line on each clip and converts rotational movement of cap nut and rotational movement of the screw into linear movement of cap nut.


The following describes workflow of linear motor:

  • Control panel applies respective current to each of linear motor coils depending on the position information provided by the hall effect sensor.
  • Resulting current flow induces magnetic fields that interact with magnetic fields of permanent magnets, which form a linear force to move the axis.
  • Glass scale provides feedback to the CNC control unit and closes the motion cycle.


  • Because the linear motor drives the moving axis direction, a faster reaction time is achieved.
  • It provides up to 2 times faster processing.
  • It has a higher axis rotation speed.
  • It causes less friction and therefore lower energy consumption.
  • Engine parts are long-lasting and easily mounted.


You can find below all our suppliers that provide this product.

Agie and Charmilles brands belong to a leading group in the EDM industry.

It is one of the leading manufacturers in the EDM sector.

Mitsubishi is a company that has been interested in EDM technology since 1957.

Since 1975, Chmer EDM produces quality EDM products.

Fanuc was founded in 1956 and has been one of the leading companies in the EDM sector worldwide.

ONA EDM has been a leading and reference company in the EDM industry for over 60 years.

Makino is a leader in the field of machine design and digital innovation.

SPM has been working for the development of CNC EDM machines in Japan since 1970.

Seibu started to work on EDM machines in 1962 and is an experienced company in EDM.

Japax is an experienced company in the EDM industry.

Hitachi is one of the best names in the EDM industry known as the first-class brass EDM wire producers.

Brother is a company that made quality, speed, and productive EDM working.

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