A The fastener is a hardware that mechanically connects two or more objects. In general, the fastener is used to create non-permanent joints. That is, it can be removed or installed without damaging connecting parts. Fasteners are used in EDM machines for easy repair and maintenance. They must be resistant to the electrical load and wear.

Materials such as rope, wire, cable, chain or plastic wrap are used to mechanically assemble objects. These are all commonly referred to as fastener.


  • It improves efficiency.
  • Robust fasteners reduce damage at a high rate.
  • Thanks to the Fastener, the easy maintenance, and repair of the machine allows for more ergonomic machines for operators, thanks to its easy removal and install.
  • Easy collection ensures less contamination of the surrounding area and safe operation of operators.
  • Thanks to metal fasteners, components do not need to be replaced as a whole, and material replacement cost and time are reduced.


You can find below all our suppliers that provide this product.

Agie and Charmilles brands belong to a leading group in the EDM industry.

It is one of the leading manufacturers in the EDM sector.

Mitsubishi is a company that has been interested in EDM technology since 1957.

Since 1975, Chmer EDM produces quality EDM products.

Fanuc was founded in 1956 and has been one of the leading companies in the EDM sector worldwide.

ONA EDM has been a leading and reference company in the EDM industry for over 60 years.

Makino is a leader in the field of machine design and digital innovation.

SPM has been working for the development of CNC EDM machines in Japan since 1970.

Seibu started to work on EDM machines in 1962 and is an experienced company in EDM.

Japax is an experienced company in the EDM industry.

Hitachi is one of the best names in the EDM industry known as the first-class brass EDM wire producers.

Brother is a company that made quality, speed, and productive EDM working.

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