In the wire erosion method, the EDM machine is continuously fed with wire, and an electrical discharge is produced between workpiece and wire. Wire for the EDM machine is a disposable consumable. As the workpiece is melted, wire also becomes thin. The fine wire is not strong enough to withstand tension. We offer wires with spool, so the EDM machine works continuously.There are brass, copper, molybdenum, tungsten and coated wire types for EDM machine.

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The following are the most commonly used brass wire and coated wires in wire cutting process. We provide our customers with wires in accordance with their purposes.

Brass Wire

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy and has excellent discharge properties. These discharge properties develop as zinc-content increases. However, brass with high zinc-containing can't become thin, because the permeability of brass is reduced. Considering the balance between product performance and processing properties, brass is widely used with 35% to 40% zinc content.

Coated wire

A number of properties of the single-layer structure have limitations. Coated wires have functionality that overcomes these limitations. At present, the main coated wire types on market are zinc coated wire and diffused annealed wires.


The EDM wires must be durable when cutting workpieces. For this reason, we produce our wires with high technologies and realize our quality control with quality analysis methods. We have the necessary expertise to accurately cover our coated wires.

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