Wire for the EDM Machine is a once-consumable consumable. During wire erosion, electrical discharges are produced between wire and metal workpiece. In this way, the workpiece is melted. During this melting, the wire also becomes thinner and cannot withstand electrical stress. Therefore, new wires must be continuously fed into the EDM machine.

With a flexible and service-oriented organization, we offer high-tech quality wires. We can produce special wires to meet the needs of our customers.


  • We produce thin and high strength wires.
  • We analyze our wires with special material analysis and minimize wire breaks during the wire erosion process.
  • We have special expertise for wire coatings to suit precision machining.
  • With our technical service team, we help our customers solve problems.
  • We support our customers in different product development projects.
  • We advise them when our customers cannot make the best wire decision for workpiece they will process.


Below are the services we provide for the production of EDM wires for our customers to have a better wire erosion process. You can contact us with additional questions about your wire production.

Quality of wires produced is our priority, and we constantly develop ourselves to produce high-quality wires at the first time.

Thanks to our well-equipped laboratory, we offer quality products to minimize breakage during processing.

Our coating technology improves oxidation resistance. Our technical team works with you to ensure that coating has the most appropriate features for your applications.


Property Tungsten Molybdenum Cu Copper
Atomic Number : 74 42 29
Atomic Weight : 183.85 95.94 63.55
Melting Point (°C) : 3410 2620 1083
Density (g/cm³) : 19.3 10.2 9.0
Elasticity Modulus (kN/mm²) : 410 320 120
Electrical Resistivity (10^8 ohm*m) : 5.55 5.20 1.67
Thermal Conductivity (W/m*K) : 174 138 401

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