The special external coating on the wire for electrical discharge processing is made to obtain higher processing power without breaking the wire. Our coating technology improves oxidation resistance. Our technical team works with you to ensure that coating has the most appropriate features for your applications. For detailed information about our coating wires, please visit our coated wire page.


  • Coated wire provides wear of wire during processing at later than usual, which reduces wire costs.
  • The coated wire has an outer layer which will improve the performance of wire erosion process. Thus, more cutting is done in a shorter time.
  • The wire is covered with materials such as copper and zinc depending on the type of material to be processed. In this way, the most optimal wire coated is easily provided for cutting.
  • High resistant coated wires are less likely to break. This prevents stopping of the process.
  • Thanks to the special coated exterior surfaces, wire dust are prevented from sticking to workpieces that need to be machined precisely.
ECO Cut Brass Wire

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