We have high know-how in producing EDM wires, and we manufacture wires according to quality standards. Quality of wires produced is our priority, and we constantly develop ourselves to produce high-quality wires at the first time.


The following describes the production processes of EDM wires. If you have any questions about the production of wires, you can contact us. Our technical team will help you with everything.


In the drawing process, the material is passed through a slit called matrix and the section is narrowed and shaped. In this method, shape change is provided with compressive stress between metal ve die. By means of drawing method, products having a generally circular section or axial symmetry are obtained.

Wire drawing is not a simple process. Correct drawing conditions must be maintained to control ductility. The main parameters for wire drawing are described below:

Wire temperature

Wire drawing speed

Drawing die lubricant

Drawing die sizes


The wire is annealed to adjust the strength of the wire as desired. The final size of the wire determines the position of the annealing point. The annealing is applied to reduce the hardness of the steel, to increase its ductility and to eliminate internal stresses. Depending on the final size of wires, annealing is done to optimize properties of wires.


Once the wire has been drawn, it must be cleaned for accurate cuts. This process is to remove the graphite used to lubricate in drawing process. Cleaning is done by an electrolytic process.


Wires are sometimes coated to produce a wire that has higher strength and has better properties. On this process, it is usually used special metals such as zinc and copper.

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