The first wire used in the wire EDM method is copper. It is still used due to its usability and high conductivity. As faster and stronger machines are produced, copper cannot reach current cutting speeds. But it can still be used for old machines and slow processes.

Copper is a durable product especially preferred for coated EDM wires. For example, CuZn coated wire is a high-performance wire which is capable of cutting precisely and meets high-speed requirements.


  • Provides up to 10% higher cutting speed when mixed with brass.
  • Suitable for machines that require flattened wires for threading.
  • Varieties with high elongation value are available.
copper wire


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The most widely used EDM wire today is brass wire. Brass material is obtained by adding zinc to copper.

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Coated wires contain copper or brass cores and are coated with metals such as zinc, copper, silver.

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In medical and military applications, the surface must not be contaminated with copper or zinc. Molybdenum wire is preferred because it does not adhere to the workpiece surface.

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Tungsten wire ensures sharp cuts of very thin and very flat walled details. It like molybdenum wire is also used on sensitive products, and prevent zinc and copper residues on surfaces.

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