The Molybdenum wire is often used to form sharp corner corners of small, thin and narrow notches. Thanks to its high tensile strength, it maintains excellent surface smoothness and causes more wire breakage. In medical and military applications, the surface must not be contaminated with copper or zinc. Molybdenum wire is preferred because it does not adhere to the workpiece surface.

Molybdenum wire is high cost and slow processing. It is especially preferred in areas where precision and surface smoothness are extra important. We quickly supply molybdenum wires in accordance with the material to be cut by our customers.


  • Thanks to its high hot strength, it does not break easily.
  • It provides low thermal expansion.
  • Thanks to its high tensile strength, the moly wire helps to maintain excellent surface smoothness and reduce the number of wire breaks associated with many small and fine brass wires.
  • It has a high melting and evaporation point (2623 ° C). But heat and electrical conductivity is about one-third of the copper element.
  • Suitable for military and medical applications requiring precision machining.
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They are packed with dust, shock and oxidation-resistant packages to protect our wire rollers from transport damage and pollution.


The loose end of the wire must be properly fixed. Improper handling and storage of the pulley cause distortion and wire breakage.


Half wire reels should be stored in their original packaging.


Fine Silver 99% Ag 10.5 45 108
Silver Tungsten 50% W 13.4 110 58
Silver Tungsten 65% W 14.8 150 50
Silver Tungsten 70% W 15.4 195 47
Silver Tungsten 75% W 16.0 220 45
Copper Tungsten 60% W 13.0 182 50
Copper Tungsten 65% W 13.6 190 48
Copper Tungsten 65% W 13.6 190 48
Copper Tungsten 70% W 14.2 197 46
Copper Tungsten 75% W 14.8 220 44
Copper Tungsten 80% W 15.2 233 40
*Other compositions are available upon request
MATERIAL Dia.(Inch) Dia.(mm) Length(Inch) Reference
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0011 0.03 12 16
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0019 0.05 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0028 0.07 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0031 0.08 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0031 0.08 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0043 0.11 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0047 0.12 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0051 0.13 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0055 0.14 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0059 0.15 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0071 0.18 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0079 0.20 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0098 0.25 " "
Molybdenum-& Tungsten Wire rod 0.0118 0.30 " "
*Other sizes are available on request
*Tolerance : ±0.02mm


All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancements.


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The most widely used EDM wire today is brass wire. Brass material is obtained by adding zinc to copper.

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Coated wires contain copper or brass cores and are coated with metals such as zinc, copper, silver.

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Tungsten wire ensures sharp cuts of very thin and very flat walled details. It like molybdenum wire is also used on sensitive products, and prevent zinc and copper residues on surfaces.

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